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Our Vision Community

Northeast Houston: Community Works is a city-reaching organization impacting lives across the greater Houston area in many ways. However, a three-zip- code radius of 77016, 77028, and 77078 comprises the target area or “vision community” of Community Works.

In our immediate area of 77028, some key demographics are as follows:

  • Median household income is $27,000
  • 57% of households are headed by single parent head-of- household
  • Average family size is 4
  • 97% of students (formerly North Forest ISD) qualify for free / reduced lunch

North Forest / Homestead Road

HomesteadHomestead Road is well-known to North Forest natives and it’s still home to those who’ve left but have come back to help.

Our community is 66% African American, 34% Hispanic, and 10% other.

Working Class Families

maid at car

Many are hard-working blue-collar laborers desiring to provide for their families.

Faith-based services are needed to uplift the spiritual and socio-economic sustainability of the community.

Can You See Yourself Making A Difference?

Sometimes it feels like you just can't make a difference, but what we've found is that when we join with the right people, working together, we really can make a difference.

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